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2023 Compliance Update on Arbitration Agreements, Severance Agreements, Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement Agreements - ON DEMAND - NO CE

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Agency Management |  Business Management & Strategy
Alana Ackels
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In the last year, our country has seen the passage of multiple federal laws impacting the enforceability to common employment documents. Several federal agencies have also issued opinions that could impact common employment documents. This presentation will review those new laws and opinions and discuss the potential impact they may have on arbitration agreements, severance agreements, confidentiality agreement, and non-disparagement agreements. Insurance producers who advise clients on risk mitigation should be aware of these new laws. 

Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives
  • Educate viewers on recent laws that impact the enforceability of common employment documents, including arbitration, severance, confidentiality, and non-disparagement agreements
  • Provide information on how businesses can revise these agreements to make them enforceable in light of these new laws and opinions 

Major Subjects
  • Federal laws providing greater visibility of sexual harassment and sexual assault claims 
  • Agency rulings curtailing confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses in agreements 

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Alana advises employers on minimizing risk, protecting their businesses, and navigating the multitude of state and federal laws governing the employer-employee relationship. She works with companies across all types of industries, including retail, hospitality and technology, and organizations that often have workforces distributed across the country. In recent years, she has developed a niche helping international businesses, with headquarters in jurisdictions as diverse as Australia and India, expand into U.S. markets.  

Whether managing regulatory compliance issues for a startup or growing business, helping an employer with a risky termination or navigating a whistleblower action, Alana adeptly balances legal exposure and business priorities across the employment law spectrum. She prepares employment, confidentiality and noncompetition agreements; employee handbooks; and other policies that reduce legal exposure. Alana uses her vast trial experience to help companies avoid mistakes that often lead to litigation. She also prepares injury benefit plans for employers who choose to opt out of workers compensation in Texas and manages the plan rollout for companies that go nonsubscriber.

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