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Human Resource Development
Steve Cadigan
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Every organization today is facing an onslaught of pressure to master Artificial Intelligence “AI” strategies across their enterprises. Never before have we witnessed such a steep expectation for how a “technology” can transform a business, and never before have we been expected to leverage a technology so quickly and so completely.  There is no denying AI presents perhaps the opportunity of a lifetime to transform and improve operations, but to date few plans or roadmaps on how to unlock the promise of AI exist. In this class, Steve Cadigan, a globally renowned future of work expert, will present a practical plan for how you can build your own AI strategy, and how you can thrive in the AI revolution. Steve will show present a roadmap of how to build your confidence with AI to address this massive change management challenge.

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Learning Objectives
  • Build your confidence in how to think about AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • Learn how AI is as much a cultural as it is a technical challenge
  • Learn a 7 step plan on how to build an AI Strategy in your company
  • Recognize the landscape of work today is filled with significant change fatigue and how to address this in your AI strategy
  • Learn how AI is really unlike any other technolgy we have seen today and why this requires special care and understanding when it comes to implementation

Major Subjects
  • Leadership
  • Future of Work
  • Workforce Planning
  • Change Management
  • Technology in HR
  • Job Redesign
  • Training and Development

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Cadigan Talent Ventures

Steve Cadigan regularly speaks at conferences and major universities around the world and is regularly retained by Silicon Valley’s top VCs for his talent expertise. Steve is frequently asked to appear on TV and is a regular guest onBloomberg West and CNBC.

Prior to launching his own firm, Steve worked as an HR executive for over 25 years at a wide range of top-tier companies including ESPRIT, Allianz, Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts, and capped by serving as the first CHRO for LinkedIn from 2009 through 2012. The culture that he built during his time at LinkedIn is still recognized as the gold standard today.

Presently, Steve serves on the Board of Directors to three companies and sits on the Advisory Board of several others.

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