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The Role of HR in Business Sustainability - ON DEMAND - NO CE

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Human Resource Development
Burt Hamner
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1 Hour
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In 2020, 96% of the world’s largest 250 companies published reports on their sustainability performance in accordance with national and international standards.   Now many more companies are committing to sustainability, and Net Zero emissions in particular.   This creates a new responsibility and opportunity for HR leaders.   Staff must be trained in new policies, goals and procedures.  Executives need help as leaders in this new approach.  This one-hour course summarizes SHRM research into HR and sustainability, plus other expert sources and the instructor's own 30-year journey helping companies become more sustainable.   The course presents key concepts, tools and sources to help HR find its role.

Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives
  • Define sustainability using national and international standards followed by leading companies.
  • Identify the stages of sustainability, and the drivers of change to business sustainability.
  • Define and apply HR tools and strategies for executives, staff and stakeholders
  • Develop HR as a concept for organizations to achieve beyond compliance.

Major Subjects
  • What is "Sustainability" in business today?
  • SHRM publications about sustainability
  • Sustainability for the world, organizations and individuals
  • Key HR opportunities for promoting sustainability to improve performance and reduce risk

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Burt Hamner is a pioneer in Sustainability Accounting (SA). In 1993 he wrote the first Environmental Management Accounting Guidelines for the Washington Department of Ecology. These were and are fundamental in the development of SA into its new dimensions of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.   Since 1995 he has trained over 5000 business managers in 20 countries how to implement sustainability tools and practices to increase profits and decrease risk. Burt has received dozens of awards as a professional speaker and a “Chasing Genius” Award from the National Geographic Society.   He developed this course for the Washington Society of CPAs and it has received 4.99/5 stars from 384 participants. He has earned the Credential in “Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting” from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

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